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A break in the weather
A fleeting moment
Blow the day away
A fine Yorkshire day
Closing in over Nidderdale
Hill-top hike
Beyond the moors in North Yorkshire
Beyond the night in North Yorkshire
Going low through Wharfedale
Northern umbers
Battle of the elements (Upper Nidderdale)
Imagine the Dales...
Walking on the wilder side
A natural wonder, the Hole of Horcum
Geological wonder (Upper Wharfedale)
Fine mists touch down over Scar House
Nidderdale in shades of green
And so it begins. River Nidd.
The climb is worth it
Catching the light
Wilder places
Cloud walking
The rolling north
A Yorkshire moment (N.Yorks moor)
Wide open view
Valley of light
Open moorlands
Heading down to the waters edge
Glorious day
All is tranquil
Warmth in the air
Behind the veil
Capture the moment
All storms leave a trail
Breaking light over Wharfedale
North Yorkshire Valley in low cloud.JPG
After the rain
A blustery wander
Far over the fell
Lowland lake
Evening whispers
The rains will fade
Reach for the uplands
Night whispers
Nature's own pathways
A good day to lose your way
light the way toward the ravine.
On a day like this
Head to the waterside
Silver rain
Wilder places
View over 'Hole of Horcum' North Yorkshire
Endless boundaries
On the track towards Scar House Reservior, Nidderdale
Misty-eyed vista of Wharfedale
Drama by the gully
Thoughts of Nidderdale
Golden mile
Never a dull moment