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I live and work in the beautiful valley of Holmfirth. As a native of Yorkshire, I developed an appreciation for the stunning landscape and dramatic weather the county never failed to offer. After completing art college and then working in the design industry I began to paint professionally in 2010. Since then I have been pleased to hold many successful solo exhibitions and have established flourishing representation with some wonderful galleries and paintings finding homes as far as New Zealand, Australia, Asia, South Africa, the Middle East and the USA.
One fine day

'One fine day' Gladwells Patterson Stamford

Winds of change

'Winds of change' Gladwells Patterson Stamford

Let there be light

'Let there be light' SOLD

Drifting closer

'Drifting closer' Gladwells Patterson Stamford

Dream away the day

'Dream away the day' SOLD

Reach the clouds

'Reach the clouds' SOLD

Travelling north

'Travelling North' York Fine Arts

Yorkshire squall

'Yorkshire squall' SOLD

Down to the water

'Down to the water' York Fine Art

Long way down

'Long way down' SOLD

Far beyond

'Far beyond' York Fine Arts

Late in the day

'Late in the day' SOLD

Whatever the weather

'Whatever the weather' SOLD

Go with the flow

'Go with the flow' SOLD

Beyond the fields

'Beyond the field' Cotswold Contemporary

After the rain

New Light Art Prize 23/24 SOLD

Wild water

New Light Art Prize 23/24 SOLD 'Wild water'


'Downstream' SOLD

Fire in the sky

'Fire in the sky' SOLD

Wilder days

'Wilder days' SOLD

Blowing away

'Blowing away'SOLD

Waning storm

'Waning storm' SOLD

Parting of ways

'Parting of ways' SOLD

I'll meet you there

'I'll meet you there' SOLD

Seasonal skies

'Seasonal skies' SOLD

Below the clouds

'Below the clouds' Gladwells Rutland

To wander alone

'To wander alone' Beckstones Art Gallery

Worth the climb

'Worth the climb' SOLD

Aiming high

'Aiming high' Beckstones Art Gallery

Footpath to nowhere

'Footpath to nowhere' SOLD

Your own, North Yorkshire

'Your own, North Yorkshire' SOLD

Heading west

'Heading west' SOLD

Somewhere in the light

'Somewhere in the light' The Chantry House Gallery

The rains will fade

'The rain will fade' SOLD

Nature's county

'Nature's county' SOLD

Whispering trail

'Whispering trail' SOLD

Travelling north

'Travelling north' SOLD

Shadows near Scar House

'Shadows near Scar House' The Chantry House Gallery

In all weathers over Nidderdale

'In all weathers over Nidderdale' SOLD

Over the stream

'Over the stream' SOLD

Drifting on

'Drifting on' SOLD


'Skylight' SOLD

Mellow moments

'Mellow moments' SOLD

Only Yorkshire

'Only Yorkshire' SOLD

Closing in

'Closing in' SOLD

Highs and lows

'Highs and lows' SOLD

Distant light

'Distant light' SOLD


'Storm surge' SOLD

Winding valleys

'Winding valleys' SOLD

Northern spotlight

'Northern spotlight" SOLD

Evening storm

'Evening storm' SOLD

Lakeside wanderings

'Lakeside wandering' SOLD

Wild rambling

'Wild rambling' SOLD

Pause for a moment

'Pause for a moment' Beckstones Art Gallery

Follow the trail

'Follow the trail' SOLD

I'll meet you by the stream

'I'll meet you by the stream' SOLD

Low mist

'Low mist' SOLD


'Everchanging' SOLD


'Light-dancing' SOLD

A tranquil descent

'A tranquil descent' SOLD

Not a soul around

'Not a soul around' SOLD

Light in the air

'Light in the air' SOLD

Last show of the day

"Last show of the day' SOLD

Endless vale

'Endless Vale' SOLD


'Drifting' SOLD


'Weather watching' SOLD

A place to rest

'A place to rest' SOLD

Out for the day

'Out for the day' SOLD

A gentle beauty

'A gentle beauty' SOLD

One time only

'One time only' SOLD

The wild north

'The wild north' SOLD

Wander into the light

'Wander into the light' SOLD

Call of the landscape

'Call of the landscape' SOLD

Worn away

'Worn away' SOLD

Darkness drifts over Nidderdale

'Darkness Drifts over Nidderdale' SOLD

Drama from High Scar

'Drama from High Scar' SOLD

Timeless spaces

'Timeless spaces" The Chantry House Gallery

Morning chill over Scar House

'Morning chill over Scar House'SOLD

Nature's byway

'Nature's byway" SOLD

Out on the Nidderdale Way

'Out on the Nidderdale way' SOLD

Evening splendour

'Evening spendour' SOLD

Northern rise

'Northern rise' SOLD

Eye of the clouds

'Eye of the clouds' SOLD

The road is long

'The road is long' SOLD

Wander lonely as a cloud

'Wander lonley as a cloud' SOLD

Journey to the unknown

'Journey to the unknown' SOLD


'Glistening' SOLD

Nature's highway

'Nature's highway' SOLD

A peaceful wander

'A peaceful wander' Beckstones Art Gallery

Carve your own path

'Carve your own path' Beckstones Art Gallery

Up on the ridge

'Up on the ridge' SOLD

Spirit of Yorkshire

'Spirit of Yorkshire' SOLD

Reaching higher

'Reaching higher' SOLD

Breeze away the day

'Breeze the day away' SOLD

Moving shadows

'Moving shadows' SOLD

Edge of the moorlands

'Edge of the moorlands' SOLD

Blown away

'Blown away' SOLD

In all weathers

'In all weathers' SOLD

Through hill and dale

'Through hill and dale' SOLD

In the still of the night

'In the still of the night' SOLD

Before darkness descends

'Before darkness descends' SOLD

A path well worn

'A path well worn' SOLD

Living in the moment

'Living in the moment' SOLD

Force to be reckoned with

'Force to be reckoned with' SOLD

Reaching the heights

'Reaching the heights' SOLD

High on the fells

'High on the fells' SOLD

Fleeting beauty

'Fleeting beauty' SOLD

Give to the wind

'Give to the wind' SOLD

Take my breath away

"take my breath away' SOLD

May the day begin

'May the day begin' SOLD

On the right trail

'On the right trail' SOLD

Stay the distance

'Stay the distance' SOLD

Up and away

'Up and away" SOLD

A vale to remember

'A vale to remember' SOLD

Wild wanderings

'Wild wanderings' SOLD

Good for the soul

'Good for the soul' SOLD

Heading east from the moors

'Heading east from the moors' SOLD

A day to remember

'A day to remember' SOLD

 Might of a storm-cloud

'Might of a storm cloud' SOLD

Where the stream flows

'Where the stream flows' SOLD

Fire in the sky

'Fire in the sky' SOLD

Unforgettable day

'Unforgettable day' SOLD

Yorkshire glow

'Yorkshire glow' SOLD

In the light of the morning sun

'In the light of the morning sun' SOLD

Drifting into moorlands

'Drifting into moorlands' SOLD


'Lightfall' SOLD

View from the hill-heather

'View from the hill heather' SOLD

A breath of light

'A breath of light' SOLD

Go with the glow

'Go with the glow' SOLD

Only in Yorkshire

'Only in Yorkshire' SOLD

Trail over time

'Trail over time' SOLD

Northern dreamscape

'Northern dreamscape' SOLD

Always light after rain

'Always light after rain' SOLD

Yorkshire day, all the way.

'Yorkshire day, all the way' SOLD

Travelling light

'Travelling light' SOLD

True light of the north

'True light of the north' SOLD

A Yorkshire moment (N.Yorks moor)

'A Yorkshire moment' SOLD

Just take a moment

'Just take a moment' SOLD

Fells of the skies

'Fells of the skies' SOLD