the artist

The power of nature remains the foundation to my paintings. We are surrounded by it and usually don't have far to go to reach it in all its raw beauty, even more so here in Yorkshire and the far reaches of the north. I visualise my landscapes and controversially seldom plan a painting until just before the brush hits the board. The sky holds the key to my work, controlling light bursts, muted illumination, deep shadow, angry threats of rain drowning the landscape; dense mist banks or delicate sheets of moisture passing through. Timeless, unless land-marked by working fields with boundaries or evidence of a distant road, path or stone structure. You could be anywhere. I’m inspired through an appreciation of our landscape, how it has been shaped through time and how weather dramatises sequences in cloud and light. The sky plays a crucial part in how the landscape comes alive; nature's 'show of the elements.' I imagine somewhere I’d like to be, walk through, drawing the elements together into a timeless landscape. Connect with the painting through mood or memory or view them simply to escape into.

I live and work in the beautiful valley of Holmfirth. As a native of Yorkshire, I developed an appreciation for the stunning landscape and dramatic weather the county never failed to offer. After many years through art college and working in the design industry I began to paint professionally in 2010. Since then I have been lucky enough to hold many successful solo exhibitions and have established flourishing representation with some wonderful galleries and paintings finding homes as far as New Zealand, Australia, Asia, South Africa, the Middle East and the USA.